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Naval Aviation Frequently Asked Questions


    Frequently Asked Questions

Why put your personal info on a page about Navy Aircrew?

Naval Aviation is who I am and a definite part of my life. I cannot separate the two. But I have divided my personal information about myself under my name and the Naval Aviation under its own heading and navigation.


What aircraft have you/do you still fly in?

I have flown in a multitude of different aircraft in the Navy. (TA-4J Skyhawk, MH-53E SuperStallion, UH-1N Huey, C-130T Hercules, P-3C Orion, C-12F Huron, and C-2A Greyhound. I have been a crew member in the C-9B/DC-9 SkyTrain and C-40A Clipper II.


Have you been to the Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc)?

I have flown all over the world including the Middle East. All over the Pacific rim and Asia. Been to most of the countries in Europe. Flown to Central and South America. And have been to Africa. No I haven't flown in to Iraq, but have flew many times during the Operation Iraqi Freedom to Turkey, Kuwait, Qutar, Bahrain, U.A.E., and other places.


How do I become an aircrewman?

First thing to do if you aren't already in the Navy/Navy Reserve, Marine Corps/Marine Corps Reserve is talk with a recruiter. Let them know that you want to be guaranteed to the aircrew program.

For those that are already in, you will need to look up the requirements in in the NAVPERSMAN and talk with the detailer.

There are specific requirements (must have full color vision, meet prescribed ASVAB requirements, be able to pass a flight physical, and complete Naval Aircrew Candidate School or *typically for the Reservists'* Aviation Physiology and Survival Swimming.) I have purposely left this a little vague as the requirements change from time to time, so its best to go to the source.



Navy?! I thought the Air Force was the branch of service that flew!

Obviously you never saw Top Gun. The Navy flies a multitude of different types of aircraft with a variety of different roles. Obviously carrier based fighter and attack aircraft and electronic warfare planes. But also cargo aircraft of many types and sizes, helicopters, fixed wing anti-submarine/patrol aircraft, trainer aircraft, and many others.

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