By now, in the crazy media campaigns surrounding ‘smartphones’ we’ve all heard a time or two the phrase “There’s an App for that!” Whether you’re an iPhone, Android or Blackberry user, it doesn’t really matter. There is one common thread: phones aren’t just for talking. In addition to keeping you in touch with others, they can actually educate you, as well as entertain you.

I’ve personally used all of these apps and speak from my own experience and perspective without bias from being compensated for my ‘opinion’. These were just apps I had a need for or that came from recommendations from Sailors in my command. Even if you’re not Navy Aircrew, these are iPhone apps that any Sailor can use.

AeroWeather App for iPhone Aeroweather
An indispensable app for aircrew which can provide you with the ATIS/ASOS information at locations around the world.
WordBook App for iPhone WordBook
A dictionary is a good thing to have when writing performance evaluations or fitness reports. The spell check doesn’t always work in NavFit98, plus this is a thesaurus as well.
Uniformity App for iPhone Uniformity
Not one of the cheapest apps out there but this app is chocked full of all the uniform regulations in a simple to read manual. Separates Officer, Chief and Enlisted uniforms. Also includes a ribbon checker.
Navy PRT App for iPhone Navy PRT
If you are a command fitness leader or just a Sailor who wants to know what they need to get to score an “Outstanding” on the PFA, this has all the info you will need. Includes a BCA calculator and height/weight chart.
iFitness App for iPhone iFitness
A digital personal trainer that provides video examples of exercises, helps you set a up a fitness program for your goals, and allows you to track your workouts all in one app.
U.S. Armed Forces App for iPhone U.S. Armed Forces
Fantastic resource utility that includes UCMJ (Manual for Courts Martial, Code of Conduct, Orders of Sentry, Oaths, etc) rank chart, acronyms, and TONS more resource information! Good for studying for the advancement exam.
Flashcards App for iPhone Flashcards Touch
If you’re studying for the NATOPS, EAWS or any other exam, using flashcards is a great method to learn on the go since your phone is always with you. This method won’t cause you paper cuts.

These are but a few of the many apps out there for the iPhone. Do you have any favorite apps that help you with your career the Navy that you’d like to recommend?

Are there some good apps for the Android or Windows Mobile platforms that should be recommended? Reply and share your own recommendations.

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