So I get a lot of questions about my job in the Navy Reserve, what the missions are like, etc. So I decided to cover the questions I get asked the most.

So you’re in the military right? What do you do?
I’m a Crew Chief on C-40A aircraft and fly people and cargo all over the world in support of the fleet.
Flying huh…so you’re in the Air Force right?
Um, no. I’m in the Navy.
I thought only the Air Force flew cargo aircraft.

The Navy Reserve has the largest air wing in the entire service. Commander Fleet Logistics Support Wing (CFLSW) oversees the operation of 15 Navy logistic squadrons who fly C-9, C-12, C-20, C-37, C-40, and C-130 aircraft all over the world in support of the fleet and other units. The Reserve logistic capability (made up of Full Time Reservists and Selected Reservists) make up 100% of the Navy’s airlift capability.

So you do it part time, so you’re in the Guard right?
Nope, I’m a Navy Reservist.

Under Title 10 of the United States Code Each branch of the Armed Services has an Active component and a Reserve component. A lot of confusion comes from understanding the differences between the Reserve and the Guard. The Army and Air Force have both a Reserve force as well a Guard force. Both serve in a supplemental capacity to the Active forces, but how they are governed are the major difference. Reserve forces are funded by the federal government primarily and who ultimately report to the Commander in Chief. The Guard cab have unique missions/responsibilities to the State government, receiving much of their funding through the State and report directly to the Governor. (Guard vs. Reserve in more detail)

So how close are you to being able to retire?
I just passed my 15th year. I will be eligible to retire in 5 more or can stay for 9 total before I’m subjected to the high year tenure regulations have to leave.
That will be sweet, so then you start receiving your retirement pay right?
Nope unfortunately Reservist’s don’t start receiving pay until they have reached age 60 or less (depending on the number of day’s they’ve been mobilized).

For years there has been a lot of discussion about the regulations surrounding Reserve retirement.  The incentive for staying on active duty was that upon completion of 20 good years, you would start receiving a percentage of your active duty pay for the rest of your life.  The pay and allowances for Reserve retirees has always been age 60.  However recently some changes in the law have decreased the age for receiving pay based upon the amount of time serving in a mobilized status (for every 90 days spent mobilized the age is decreased by 3 months starting for service after Jan 28, 2008).  Many attempts to pass a bill to reduce the age for retirement the Reserve have unfortunately been met without success.  Here is more information for folks who are considering the Reserve/Guard and want to better understand the retirement benefits.

If you have additional questions you’d like to discuss, feel free to leave feedback or send me an email.

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